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Meet the Staff of Diversified Auto Sales

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Burt Ashbrook - Internet Sales

440-222-1557 - dascleauto@gmail.com

Burt brings an exceptional customer care history. Burt is a former Jockey and race horse aficionado and devoted family man. Let Burt make your purchase a breeze, the Burt Breeze! 

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Jay Heiskell - Sales

216-502-5005 - jheiskell0930@gmail.com

Jay brings with him vast auto experience and a commitment to excellence. Jay is family man and doting father of 2. Support our troops, Jay is a Veteran- US Army Vet! Top's in customer service. Let Jay make your purchase timely and smooth. 

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Reuben Lloyd - Sales

216-212-3202 - reubendiversified@gmail.com

Reuben has been with DAS for over 15 years now. Recently took a couple months medical leave, we are delighted to have him back. Exceptional customer service and unparalleled inventory knowledge. Reuben is here to help.

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Sam Golnick - General Manager

216-631-9900 - golnick58@gmail.com

Sam is a Master with the Guaranteed Credit Approval program. You provide the proof of income and Diversified Auto Sales can make it yours. Sam enjoys Family,sports, variety of music, and is a proud owner of a JACK-A-POO a.k.a. Echo.

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Booda Arnold - Supervising porter

216 631 9900 -

Booda is the cornerstone for Diversified Auto Sales. He is the longest tenured employee here, and has been here for over 15 years. He looks forward to many more years of service.

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Hassan Arnold - Lead lot Technician

216-631-9900 -

Hassan is master porter and lot technician. He'll never ever let you down!

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